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About 1300 Numbers (or 1-300 Numbers)

There are many so-called specialist carriers of Australian 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers. Some offer low-cost monthly plans and call rates which make it affordable for just about every business across Australia to have the benefits of customers talking free. 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are geographically independent virtual numbers that reduce the costs to call from anywhere in Australia which makes it enticing for your customers to call you.

The first question about getting a 1300 number service is the cost of hosting it so it's important to compare call rates to determine the best cost solution for your business needs. Reputable 1300 number providers openly publish a rates card or legally known as a Critical Information Summary. Any Carrier (CP) and Carrier Service Provider (CSP) that doesn't publish a Critical Information Summary for each product or service is breaking the law and may be subject to severe penalties plus being named and shamed publically by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

CommCom Compliant - First Test In Short Listing A 1300 Number Telco

Things To Watch Out For:
  1. Dealing With Unregistered Service Providers: In Australia it is now an offence subject to stiff penalties to provide telecommunication products and services while not a "Current Member" of the Australian Government's delegated compliance watchdog Communications Compliance Ltd (CommCom).

    BEWARE: Discover which Telco Providers to avoid by viewing the CommCom's CSP List of compliant and non-compliant Telco Providers. Don't risk losing your consumer rights... avoid any "Telco Provider" with a CommCom Formal Warning against it.

    BEWARE: Avoid losing your consumer rights... if you're thinking of dealing with a Telco Provider not listed with CommCom then think again. You won't have any consumer rights if you signup with an Unregistered Service Provider.

    Only deal with an approved, CommCom compliant Teleco Provider, like Velox Telco, displaying this CommCom Member Logo on their website: (no logo - walk away)

    Commcom Member

Critical Information Summary - Second Test In Short Listing A 1300 Number Telco

Basically if a telco doesn't publish a Critical Information Summary for each of its products or services then it's breaking the law. You should steer clear and only deal with legitimate Telcos who comply with consumer regulations and publish Critical Information Summaries.

You might be surprised at the number of high profile telcos that are currently breaking the law and snubbing consumers by failing to publish Critical Information Summaries for their products or services. A simple Google search for Critical Information Summary including the telco name will quickly reveal the suspect telcos e.g. do a Google search for "Critical Information Summary Velox Telco" and you will find Velox Telco publishes Critical Information Summaries.

1300 Number Features

1300 numbers (and 1800 numbers) include some amazing features such as Time-of-Day routing, Day-Of-Week routing, simple overflow routing, IVR, Fax2Email or Vouice2Email, Whisper Alert and much more. Another key benefit is if you relocate to a new physical location you only have to change to where your 1300 number is diverted which means your letter-heads, business cards, website and other advertising won't need changing.

Why Host A 1300 Number

1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are also referred to as "Inbound Numbers", "Toll-Free Numbers" and "Reverse Charge Numbers". Across Australia the toll-free number becomes the single contact point for your business 24/7 and you determine where it points your calls and how each call is delivered for example to your business phone, mobile phone, fax2email service, and even to an international destination. No matter if you run a small business or manage a large corporation, an inbound number gives your business ultimate flexibility.

Another type of very popular inbound number is called a "Flash 1300 Number™". These are smashingly good 1300 numbers starting at $25 a month lease.

The huge demand for 1300 numbers in Australia today

There is a great demand for 1300 numbers (1-300 numbers) in Australia today. These numbers are known to be a helpful tool for all Australian businesses today. The whole "buzz" about it made a lot of business owners show interest and today, there are a growing number of users of 1300 numbers.

1300 numbers in Australia can help a business appear larger without exerting touch effort but just by simply using a 1300 number. Since 1300 numbers are often used by large businesses and now, though the benefits of deregulation, small businesses can now access 1300 numbers at very affordable rates. In the past, it has been known as a number only for large, well-established and reliable businesses so a small business hosting a 1300 number will automatically make it one even though it may not really operate a large business. In fact, there have been a lot of home-based business owners who are availing this particular number because they know that this is a great way for them to gain more clients and to market their services out there.

The great need for 1300 numbers in Australia has urged a lot of telephone companies to expand their services by catering 1300 numbers to a lot of businesses in Australia today. So far, these telephone companies have been very successful because of the growing demand for 1300 numbers today.

For business owners, this just goes to show that you won't have a hard time finding a telephone company to provide you with a 1300 number because a quick search online will lead you to numerous telephone companies or carriers that will offer you a 1300 number. In fact, there are some carriers that will provide you with a 1300 number for free but this is very limited and a less popular choice. Most business owners prefer the paid plans because they get to avail of the features, which are also helpful for their business.

Today, when a business owner is about to start up a business in Australia, they quickly get themselves a 1300 number immediately. This is because even if you're just starting out there, with 1300 numbers in Australia, you can guarantee that your business will be known out there in the fastest way possible and who doesn't want that kind of recognition?

So, a piece of advice for business startups today, if you want to take over the Australian business scene and you want to be a tough competitor, then make sure that you get a 1-300 number. 1300 numbers in Australia can guarantee you that you will a tough competitor out there and improve your chances of beating them an turning your business into a larger one.